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ADC under Kyrgyz president creates movement “For Honest and Fair Elections”

by October 22, 2021 General

The Anti-Corruption Business Council (ADC) under the President of Kyrgyzstan supports the last speech of the head of state Sadyr Zhaparov on holding open, fair elections at a high level and initiates the start of the movement “For Honest and Fair Elections”.

The movement will include election experts, lawyers, volunteers, civic activists and prominent public figures of the country.

The movement will coordinate the work of observers, provide them with consulting support on the election campaign and respond promptly to violations. The movement will deploy work in seven regions of the country, where work is carried out on processing general information about the current situation in the elections and transmitted to the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan.

“The ADC under the President calls on all activists and the civil sector of the country to unite under the banner of the movement and help the state to hold open and fair elections. Elections should be based on the principles of openness and impartiality to certain political parties.

“Only through joint efforts we can contribute to the future of the country and the future generation,!” the movement said.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency