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A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Astana Civil Service Hub and the Belgian Federal Public Service (BOSA) in Brussels, reports.

Under the memorandum, it is planned to conduct joint educational and research activities, participate in seminars and scientific conferences, create common platforms on relevant topics of public administration.

Alikhan Baimenov, Chairman of the Management Committee, announced the readiness of the Hub to continue cooperation with the Federal Public Service of Belgium.

“The memorandum is aimed at creating conditions for further development of partnerships and deepening cooperation between the countries of the region and Belgium”, Alikhan Baimenov said.

Earlier, a number of Hub member countries showed interest in studying the formation of the Belgian state apparatus, which is particularly stable due to its professionalism, autonomy, and protection from the influence of political processes.

The Belgian side noted the importance of further deepening cooperation with the countries of the region in the sphere of civil service reform, protection of meritocracy, provision of public services and e-government on the basis of the Astana Hub platform.

“We plan to develop cooperation in the future, working together in different directions. One of them may be the exchange of experts, participation in conferences. We are interested in the experience of Kazakhstan in introducing a single body for the provision of electronic services”, Peter Vandenbrune, representative of the Belgian Federal Public Service said.

He also noted that for the Belgian side, Kazakhstan’s experience in the formation of the personnel reserve of Corps “A” is of particular interest.

The memorandum was signed as part of the visit of the delegation of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to study the experience of the Federal Public Service of the country. This body assists the Belgian government and supports federal organizations in the areas of information technology, personnel management, organizational control and ethics and integrity policies, budgeting, accounting and public procurement.

Currently, 42 countries are members of the ACSH, including the OECD, CIS, Central Asia and ASEAN countries. March 15 marks 7 years since 25 countries and 5 international organizations adopted the Declaration on the Establishment of the Astana Public Service Hub.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050