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Acreageof oil-bearing and feed crops can be doubled in Kazakhstan

by March 25, 2017 Legal

Recall that in early February of the current year, the national holding “KazAgro” began financing of spring field works (SFW). The Agrarian Credit Corporation acted as the operator of the program.

At the moment, 1 324 applications across Kazakhstan for a total amount of about 73 billion tenge were sent directly to the corporation, credit partnerships, microfinance organizations and the second-tier banks.

The most active were farmers of South Kazakhstan region. From this region 805 applications for the total amount of 2.4 billion tenge arrived.

The planned volume of acreage under the requests of farmers makes about 3 million hectares, of which 1.1 million hectares on priority crops. According to the plan of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, the acreage of priority crops should be at least 597.4 thousand hectares. That is, if all current applications are approved, the plan can be exceeded by almost 2 times.

The planned volume of acreage of oilseeds at the request of farmers at the moment is about 670 thousand hectares, barley – 372.5 thousand hectares. For other non-priority crops (wheat, vegetables, melons, legumes, annuals, perennial grasses, buckwheat, millet, etc.) the planned volume of acreage under applications makes 1.87 million hectares.

As it was previously reported, in 2017 financing based on the priority of the crops will be provided. First of all, the following crops will be credited: oilseeds (sunflower, flax, rapeseed, soybeans), barley, sugar beet, rice, corn for corn, cotton, oats and potatoes. The sum for priority crops in the amount of 38 billion tenge is reserved until April 1, 2017. After this date, the balance of the funds will be distributed in process of receipt of applications from landowners. In case of reserved money are undisbursed, the remaining amount will be given out to all agricultural crops, including from the priority list.

In 2017 from the republican budget to support domestic farmers 60 billion tenge were allocated. In addition to budgetary funds, SFW are financed by other sources, including at the corporation’s own expenses.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050