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Acreage and vegetable production in EAEU to increase by 11% in 2018

by April 8, 2017 Key Issues

Within the framework of the forum the participants of the meeting discussed the issues of development of vegetable growing and expansion of partnership relations in the industry. Vegetables are included in the list of sensitive products of all the countries of the EAEU, which form the Eurasian forecast balance sheets.

S. Buben emphasized that the growth of vegetable production in the Union will continue.

“It is planned to intensify the cultivation of vegetables in protected soil, since more than 70% of imports come to our countries in the off-season. We are actively working on these issues within the framework of the Eurasian technological platforms. In particular, an innovative pilot project for the construction of a high-tech greenhouse complex with a full cycle of storage and processing of vegetable products in Russia with the support of Belarus and Kazakhstan has been formed. The project may be financed by the Eurasian Development Bank”, the Director of the EEC Department noted.

The EAEU countries export mainly raw materials, and they bring processed products: for example, in 2016 imported canned vegetables, including cucumbers, tomatoes, tomato juice, beans, amounted to a total of 260 million dollars.

“With this production, we can fully provide ourselves at the expense of our own production”, S. Buben convinced.

The deepening of production cooperation in the Eurasian space, the use of standard projects of protected ground structures, joint activities on seed production, the production of plant protection products is important.

According to the forecast of the EEC, in 2018 the growth of sown areas and production of vegetables is expected to grow by 11% against the level of 2016, which will almost completely meet the demand of the population of the member states of the Union in these products.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050