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Askar Galiaskarov a spokesman for the Academy told a press conference in the Academy of Law Enforcement Bodies of the General Prosecutor’s Office that the status of the CIS organization will be given to the Academy by the decision of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the CIS the correspondent of reports.

“The Coordinating Meeting of the General Prosecutors of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was held in Bishkek on October 1 this year. The Council of CIS foreign ministers gave the Academy a status of a basic organization “he said.

During the press tour journalists were acquainted with the work of the academy and visited the educational institution.

In general this academy is equipped with a linguaphone cabinet gym assembly hall specially equipped TDF room lecture hall office for meetings with foreign experts library reading room monitoring and training and seminars. Besides special dormitories are provided for the employees of the academy who come from the regions and work in the educational institution.

According to Utenov Dauren senior lecturer of the academy the linguaphone cabinet conducts information technology classes. “This linguaphone cabinet has information technology classes. That is the information system used by law enforcement agencies and the General Prosecutor’s Office. In addition there are special devices that allow each student in the classroom to track their progress track their work and guide them when needed. We also organize events to teach certain topics using IT technology. For example how many crimes and crimes have been committed on the day of the Legal Offenses Map and in what area where and in what street it was made. During the lesson this technology will work “he said.

According to him this e card is also available to ordinary citizens.Any citizen of Kazakhstan has the opportunity to use .

According to head of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation Unit Sberb Alexander this administration will use a variety of methods to improve the quality of work and improve productivity of the staff and staff of the Academy.

“For example we have an appraisal of the form of” questionnaire of leading employees ” ie suggestions and evaluations on the personal qualities professional abilities of the trainees in the educational institution. At the same time colleagues in the academy value each other. All of this is done to improve professional skills of specialists. In addition all audiences are equipped with a camera. This way we can track employees’ interest in the classroom. We also have the ability to monitor the quality of teaching teaching methods and teaching methods. Overall this is a good way for mentors leaders. They will review the lesson they learned and next time they will know what to add and what to add “he said.

In addition the head of the international cooperation department Daulet Ryskulov noted the academy’s foreign affairs. “The Academy works closely with foreign educational institutions. We are closely interacting with such international organizations as the CIS the EU and the OSCE. There are also various events with their participation in our university. Our staff regularly participates in a world class conference and event. We also work with scientists from countries like America and Germany. For example criminal proceedings were conducted on the experience of Germany. We also plan to send them to study with the Bolashak program “said Daulet Almasovich. According to Yerlan Dyuskov head of the mobilization and retirement department there is a special trainer in the gym. Three times a week the academy staff and students spend their time in the hall.

In addition the academy staff demonstrated how to clean up the Kalashnikov pistol.

In addition the representative of the press service of the university noted the activity of the academy and noted that the educational institution works in three directions.

“The Academy works in three directions. First of all raising the professional level of law enforcement officers. In total 7024 employees have improved their professional skills in the educational institution. During this one month course the participants get acquainted with the barracks in the academy. Training is focused on practice. In the second direction it coordinates and carries out interdepartmental research in the field of law enforcement. The coordinating competence includes selection approval and oversight of the research topic. In total over the past three years 16 scientific studies have been completed “he said.

At the same time according to him the third direction implements postgraduate education programs. According to the press service of the Academy 118 law enforcement officers graduated from the educational institution “Jurisprudence” and “Law Enforcement”. Nowadays 109 masters and doctoral students continue their education.

He also noted that on the basis of the Academy the Regional Hub on Combating Global Threats is working.

“Over 50 trainings were conducted with 137 trainers from Belarus Bulgaria Great Britain Germany Georgia China Kyrgyzstan Russia USA and Uzbekistan. Besides 1700 employees from Central Asia and Afghanistan Iran and Pakistan have been trained “Askar Galiaskarov said.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050