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About 8K bank accounts opened in Kazakhstan within legalization

by December 6, 2016 General

About 8 thousand bank accounts were opened by Kazakhstanis in the framework of the campaign for legalization, Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev has said at a meeting of the Government.

“7,917 bank accounts have been opened since the property legalization campaign was launched on September 1, 2014. Nearly 2.8 trillion tenge were transferred to these accounts for legalization purposes”, Daniyar Akishev has announced at the Government meeting.

At that 2,501 bank accounts have been opened since November 1 till November 30, 2016 and 652 billion tenge has been transferred. Not less than 2 trillion 558 billion tenge has been legalized in foreign currencies, mainly in US dollars, accounting for 89% of the total amount of legalized money. More than half – 56% of the legalized funds were transferred to the bank accounts in cash. 44% were transferred through wire transfer. Of 44%, 14% were transfers from accounts of overseas banks mainly based in Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Great Britain and Liechtenstein.

“In connection with the abolition of requirements for storage of funds on special accounts after the completion of the legalization procedures the citizens prefer to transfer money from special accounts back to normal bank accounts. During the period of legalization 59% of the funds were transferred from special accounts to other bank accounts. This legalized money is mainly transferred to the bank accounts opened in the domestic banks. 7% of legalized money have been transferred to accounts opened in foreign banks”, the head of the National Bank has informed.

“With regard to the information by regions, the leaders in the number of open accounts are Almaty, Astana and South Kazakhstan, Karaganda regions”, D. Akishev has announced.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050