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About 600 people received social services at home in capital

by May 16, 2017 Key Issues

Transportation of disabled people is carried out by 19 vehicles of “Invataxi”. In total 457 people were transported, including 147 children with disabilities, a press service of the capital’s Mayor’s Office reports.

Within the framework of the program “Social payments to certain categories of citizens by decision of local executive bodies”, the city’s disabled people receive social assistance in the form of providing free services. So, social payments are provided for travel in urban passenger transport routes (except for taxis). Since early 2017, this service has reached 17,200 people. Also, payments are made to compensate for the purchase of solid fuels for people living in private houses with local heating. Invalids of Group I, II receive social assistance for dental prosthesis every 2 years.

In addition, Astana has a comprehensive plan for the employment of residents, which provides for measures to increase the employment and social adaptation of persons with disabilities. The Center for Employment of the Astana Mayor’s Office covers 240 persons with disabilities. Work in this direction continues.

Since February of this year, work is underway to ensure accessibility to the facilities of the International Specialized Exhibition “EXPO-2017” for the low-mobility groups of the population. In 2017, 705 objects will be certified, – the message says.

At the same time, the Department of the Committee for Labor, Social Protection and Migration works to monitor compliance with the current legislation on the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities. Since January 1, 2017, 7 inspections have been carried out, according to the results of which orders have been issued to eliminate identified violations.

Along with this center of qualification of transport specialists, training of drivers and conductors for servicing passengers with disabilities is provided. As a result, 900 drivers were trained.

Currently, in the capital at 84 facilities there are light modules for pedestrians, the reverse time reporting board is installed on 135 traffic light objects, as well as 70 units of road signs 7.17 “Disabled”.

The mayors of the districts carry out work on the inspection of parks, squares, intraday territories, aboveground and underground passages for accessibility for the less mobile groups of the population.

It is to be noted that in the capital there are 20 945 invalids. Of them, disabled people of the I group � 2 206 people, disabled persons of the II group � 7 828 people, invalids of the III group � 7 054 people and disabled children under 18 � 3 857 people.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050