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About 5.5 million tons of coal shipped to households and population – Sklyar

by August 14, 2018 Market

According to the Ministry of Energy, last year coal mining companies produced 106.7 million tons of coal, which is 8.3% or 8.2 million tons more than in 2016 (98.5 million tons). According to operative data, for the 7 months of 2018, 60 million tons have already been produced, which is 103.9% against the same period 2017 (59.7 million tons).

“Power plants of Kazakhstan shipped 32.4 million tons of coal, which is 102.5% compared to the same period last year (31.6 million tons). For public utilities and the population, 5.44 million tons were shipped, which is 100% compared to the same period 2017 (5.3 million tons),” Sklyar said, noting that 15.5 million tons were exported in seven months.

In addition, for today, the Ministry of Energy, at the request of local executive bodies, has formed a planned demand for coal products for domestic needs and the population for the period 2018/19. June 20 this plan was discussed with the local executive bodies, coal mining enterprises and NC KTZh at a conference call on preparation for the heating season.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan