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During the meeting, Deputy Minister of MNE of Kazakhstan R. Sklyar reported that “the preparation for the upcoming heating season of housing and communal services and social services are conducted in a timely manner and are on its last legs.”

As of October 1 this year, a preparation to the heating networks in the country is 99.8%, electricity – 100%, education facilities – 100%, health care – 99% of houses – 98%.

During a conference call, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan A. Mamin said that ” the situation with preparation for the heating season in Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan regions is not going well. There are outstanding issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. All social objects and houses should be provided with a stable heat supply. “

Following the results of the conference call, First Deputy Prime Minister A. Mamin gave a number of specific instructions to local executive bodies and ministries.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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