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Sunday, November 29th, 2020

A new institute will be opened within the walls of KazNUI University

by February 28, 2019 Fun

The Institute of Literature and Art will be opened this year at the Kazakh National University of the Arts.

The Kazakh National University of Arts is one of the largest Kazakhstan’s scientific, educational and cultural centers, providing training for the country’s intellectual and creative elite.

In order to ensure the quality of educational programs, KazNUA carries out specialized accreditations both at the national level and in international accreditation bodies.

KazNUI is the only one in the republic that provides training on a 5-step model: school, college, bachelor, master and doctoral studies.

The high professional level of KazNUI graduates ensures their competitiveness in the labor market, their relevance and employment, 100%.

We are proud of our young graduates, who at the international level raise the prestige of Kazakhstan. They are Dimash Udaybergen, Rakhat-bi Abdysagin, Vladimir De and others. 6 students were awarded the Daryn State Youth Prize: Azat Malik, Rakhat Bi Abdysagin, Dzhusupov Maksat, Murzalieva Sadzhan, Kemelbayeva Assel, Kydyrbai Manarbek, – said the rector of the Kazakh student. Aiman Musahadzhaeva in the CCS. Today 3016 people study at the university, of which 664 are at school, 582 are at college, 1770 are students, undergraduates and doctoral students. In 2018, the University graduated 304 bachelor, 50 masters, 3 doctoral students, and 182 students and 134 college students became laureates and winners of international and republican contests and competitions.

Kazakhstan sends young musicians abroad for internships and training on Academic mobility. As part of scientific research, 50 undergraduates of the university have completed research internships at leading universities in Los Angeles, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Batumi, Baku, Almaty. University students study in Italy, Slovenia, Spain, as well as in KazNAA named after T. Zhurgenov and KNK them. Kurmangazy.

Professorial-teaching staff and students of the university as supporters of the program Ruhani Zhangiru advocate for the preservation of national identity and in the framework of the direction Tugan Jer develop scientific projects Anthology of Kazakh art and Horityt Ata m?rasyn zertteu banytyndangy zhumystar, Anthology Kazakh “And” The contrabass art of Kazakhstan (history and modernity) “. By the 200th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Kazakh kuisha Kurmangazy, the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 20th anniversary of KazNUI in November last year, the State Orchestra “Academy of Soloists” and the folklore ensemble KazNUI “TARLAN” performed a concert tour within the framework of the program “Ruhani Jangyru” in the cities of Aktobe, Aktau, Atyrau.

Teachers of KazNUI conduct master classes, open lessons, lectures and seminars not only for students of our country, but also abroad – in Brazil, Greece, China, Turkey, Switzerland), Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Kyrgyzstan; in the jury of various international, republican and regional competitions and festivals.

The Year of Youth for the university will also be fruitful and intense, opening new horizons of development for our youth.

A new institute will be opened in the university

– Institute of Literature and Art in support of young talented writers, poets, artists, musicians and the creation of conditions for the disclosure of their creative potential in the public interest.

The Spark Creative House will be opened in the resort Borovoy, where they will combine year-round competitions, master classes, training seminars, exhibitions and performances with active recreation. In the educational program of KazNUI there will be new specialties Tourism, Cultural and leisure work, Museum business, Variety and circus art, Hotel restaurant business.

To implement the government program of innovative development “Digital Kazakhstan”, the virtual-digital museum of KazNUA will be launched and will digitize music publications, a scientific library and the university archive.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan