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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

A.Myrzakhmetov presented amendments and changes to the land law to Senate deputies

by December 9, 2016 Health

“This draft law was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture pursuant to the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan dated 18 August 2016,” A.Myrzakhmetov saidAccording to Deputy Prime Minister,the main purpose of the bill is the extension of the moratorium on certain provisions of the Land Code and the Law “On introduction of changes and amendments to the Land Code of Kazakhstan” dated November 2, 2015, related to the provision of agricultural land to foreigners, stateless citizenship, foreign legal entities, as well as legal persons in the authorized capital of which the share of foreigners, stateless persons, foreign legal entities is more than 50% of the rent, and the Kazakhs into private ownership to 31 December 2021.

In this connection, planned documentary audit of land to create a reliable database of owners and users, quality condition of agricultural land and carrying out soil and geobotanical surveys that require a certain amount of time, as these data are the basis for planning the use of agricultural land and control over their rational use .

“With the adoption of the bill, law governing the matters related to the provision of agricultural land owned by the state,” A.Myrzakhmetov said.

Accordingly, the moratorium applies to all agricultural land. And these sites are given to Kazakhs for rent and shall not be granted to private property.

Finally, A.Myrzakhmetov said that implementation of the bill will not require additional financial costs from the state budget and will not cause negative social, economic and legal consequences.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan