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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

A. Myrzakhmetov paid a working visit to Akmola and Pavlodar regions

by April 13, 2017 Legal

The Head of State set the task of developing the agro-industrial complex – a new driver of the economy, which is the basis of the new state program for the development of the agro-industrial complex for 2017-2021.

Specific indicators for the mayors for the development of the agro-industrial complex are defined in this program. The main purpose of the trip is to discuss the indicators and their implementation.

In accordance with the new state program for the saturation of the domestic market with domestic products, increasing the loading of processing and feed mills and strengthening the feed base of livestock, measures have been initiated to diversify the acreage.

Currently, in Akmola region, loading of 6 oil refineries is no more than 30%, and feed mills – 56%. Therefore, in order to load the capacities of the plants, the area of oilseeds will be increased by 380 thousand hectares by the year 2021, fodder crops by 490 thousand hectares, barley 670 thousand hectares. And the wheat areas will be reduced by 680 thousand hectares.

In the current year, 5.1 million hectares of crops are planned to be planted in the region.

In general, during familiarization with preparations for spring sowing, the Minister focused on the fact that this year the interest rate on budget loans for spring field work was reduced, and for the end user the rate was 5-6%. This reduction is primarily aimed at the conduct of high-quality crop sowing.

Further, the Head of the Department held a meeting with the mayors of the districts and agricultural producers. They discussed measures to develop agricultural cooperation and increase the production of agricultural products by using the potential of private household plots in the region.

To support the cooperatives, all measures have been taken by the state, such as: reducing the cost of equipment to 50%, subsidizing mixed fodder, subsidizing produced and surrendered for processing products, low-interest loans for private household plots,

In order to intensify the work on the establishment of agricultural cooperatives, the Ministry has developed a scheme for the acquisition of milk-receiving and slaughtering stations without an initial contribution by leasing them through the JSC “Fund for Financial Support to Agriculture”. As an initial contribution, it is envisaged to use allocated investment subsidies in the amount of 50% of the total cost. Also, on the part of the state, cooperatives will receive 10 tenge for 1 liter of milk delivered for processing, 20,000 tenge for each head of cattle and 1,500 tenge for an MPA for processing.

After meetings with the population of Akmola region, the Vice-Premier in Pavlodar held a meeting with mayors of the districts and farmers of Pavlodar region. At the meeting, it was also noted the importance of developing agricultural cooperatives and ensuring productive employment of the rural population, diversifying the structure of sown areas, preparing for spring field work and the need to increase irrigated land.

During the trip to Irtysh region, Askar Myrzakhmetov got acquainted with the work of the dairy plant in Pavlodar.

For reference:

In Pavlodar region this year, it is planned to place agricultural crops on an area of 1.3 million hectares, while grain crops – 692 thousand hectares (including wheat – 484 thousand hectares, barley – 78 thousand hectares), oilseeds – 192 thousand hectares.

The need of the oil and gas industry in the diesel fuel for carrying out the spring field works in 2017 in accordance with the fuel consumption standards for the planned areas is 16 thousand tons. As of April 11, it was shipped – 4,6 thousand tons.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan