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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

A.Myrzakhmetov: Mistakes in veterinary field should not be limited to official investigations

by October 3, 2016 Key Issues

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan – Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Askar Myrzakhmetov at the board meeting due to fake veterinary certificates for meat products.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, sanitary requirements are to be tightened at markets of Astana and other cities, as fake animal health certificates were given for meat products. Currently, there are initiated official investigations against those who allowed the release of fake certificates, and letters to the relevant law enforcement bodies were addressed.

On this occasion A.Myrzakhmetov noted that such employes should not work in veterinary filed, and if guilt would be proven � should be immediately dismissed.

“You say that there are carried out official investigations. This is tantamount to a crime. Law enforcement authorities will hold investigations at their level. At the same time, we are to eliminate such situations on our level. It is necessary to register in the employment contract the responsibility for such actions. It is outrageous, and there is no place in veterinary medicine for that. I instruct in the short term to investigate, and report on taken measures,” A.Myrzakhmetov said.

Also during the board meeting Deputy Prime Minister urged to discuss not known facts, but acute problems of the industry. Therefore, it is the only way to achieve results.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan