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A.Myrzakhmetov introduces amendments to flora and fauna legislation

by December 7, 2016 Fun

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov presents at the Mazhilis Plenary Session the bill on amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the flora and fauna: The draft law is developed by the Ministry of Agriculture with the aim of improving the legislation in the field of forestry and fauna, in accordance with the Legislative Work Plan for 2016.

The bill introduced provides for improved standards of Forest, Water and Environmental Codes and the Law on Wildlife Protection.

The Forest Code is proposed to be amended by conferring on the Government the power to approve the volume of seizures of plants listed in the Red Book. This exemption is only for research and reproductive purposes.

This measure will help to regulate the circulation of rare and endangered species of plants, the Minister notes.

The Water Code requires clarifying the procedure of securing the right to use fisheries and water resources in the same impoundment.

The Environmental Code should specify the procedure for resettlement, import and export of animals outside the country.

The bill also aims at introducing such terms as hunting farm with the aim of developing a new type of intensive hunting farm game breeding; and lake-commodity and cage fish farming for creating a legal framework for the development of commercial fish farming.

The term Biosphere Reserve will bring national legislation into line with international requirements. UNESCO has assigned the Biosphere Reserve status to three specially-protected natural territories.

The Vice Prime Minister also proposes to confer powers of approving the forms of documents during the arrest of forestry legislation violators on the authorized body; it would allow the forest protection workers to respond quickly to violations of environmental laws.

Vice Prime Minister calls for rules on the establishment of coordinating councils under the environmental agencies, which will attract community into specially protected natural territories management. This provision will ensure transparency of activity in exercising the environmental functions.

Askar Myrzakhmetov focuses on the administrative burdens that hinder the ecological tourism development: It is proposed to eliminate the rules for obtaining a license by natural persons and legal entities, who are travel agents, for the development of ecological tourism in national parks and removing administrative burdens.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the provisions were previously discussed by the Parliament, and Deputies amendments, requiring additional costs, were considered by the Republican Budget Commission and partially supported. In particular, it supported an increase in wages of forest workers by 25%.

The conclusion of the Government on deputies amendments is being currently considered by the Office of the Prime Minister departments.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan