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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

A.Myrzakhmetov gives instructions on improvement of Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex

by September 30, 2016 General

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan – Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Askar Myrzakhmetov held an expanded board meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture in aselector mode, during which a number of tasks set by the Head of State and Prime Minister of Kazakhstan have been discussed.

The first, the National Agribusiness Development Program is developed on the basis of the current government program “Agribusiness 2020”.

In particular, the program will be in a state format, and therefore it is planned to make a number of adjustments to agribusiness subsidies. In crop farming – it concerns diversification of structure of sown areas, primarily wheat. The livestock will cover small and medium-sized farms, which are associated with lower risk, primarily to provide feed, and use of transhumance potential.

The second, a number of measures are taken to ensure rural employment and reloading of processing capacity of enterprises through use of the potential of private farms in the agricultural cooperatives.

“For three years, it is planned to involve in commodity agricultural production 226 thousand personal subsidiary plots, to create over 70 thousand permanent jobs and increase capacity load of the processing enterprises, at least by 20%,” the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan sets the task.

According to the Ministry, now there are 448 agricultural cooperatives. Currently, work on elimination of requirements on presence of land for application of a special tax regime for agricultural cooperatives.

The third, they considered allocation of 10 acres for individual housing construction in the framework of “Nurly zher” program.

To address this issue, it is planned to amend the Land Code concerning providing possibilities to akimats to purchase land plots for individual housing construction for public use.

Thus, in order to regulate the waiting lists and elimination of cases of double free provision of land plots for individual housing construction, it is planned to create Single Registration Waitlist on “Electronic Government” web-portal and to automate the sequence assignment process.

The fourth, the Ministry allocated additional funding of 97.3 billion tenge this year to support agro-industrial complex and to increase production efficiency.

The task of the Ministry is to ensure timely and effective application of the allocated budget funds.

In addition, the meeting discussed issues of expansion of irrigated areas by 600 thousand hectares and restoration of its infrastructure.

The fifth, an epizootic situation in the country in particularly dangerous animal diseases remained stable in 2016, except for isolated outbreaks of acute and chronic infections.

“Since the beginning of 2016 there has been registered 95 outbreaks of especially dangerous animal diseases, 42 of them were stamped out and closed by the decision of IOI. The remaining 53 outbreaks are under veterinary and quarantine measures according to the instructions. Moreover, recreational activities are carried out in 109 unfavorable sites of brucellosis,” the Ministry informs.

In 2016 it is planned to hold 135,500,000 manipulations. For 7 months of 2016, it is planned to conduct 76.6 million manipulations, 73.1 million were completed, that is 95.4% of the plan for 7 months.

Following the meeting, A.Myrzakhmetov gave instructions on improvement of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan and noted that these orders will be under a special control.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan