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A.Myrzakhmetov and B. Nedimovic discussed cooperation between Kazakhstan and Serbia in the field of agriculture

by November 15, 2016 Fun

During the meeting the sides discussed the main directions and further prospects of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Serbia in the field of agriculture.

The parties noted that there is great potential for its development. If Kazakhstan is the corridor for Serbia to enter the China market, then Serbia to Kazakhstan is a window to Europe.

“Earlier, the leaders of our countries have been designated priority areas for our cooperation. One of them is agriculture. As it is known, Kazakhstan as a leader in the production of grain and flour, has great potential in the development of livestock, meat and milk production. It should be noted that Serbia has made significant progress in the field of organic agriculture. In this direction, we can achieve more together,” A.Myrzakhmetov said.

Serbia is the largest producer of corn and wheat. Production of sugar beet and sunflower seeds satisfy the domestic demand for sugar and vegetable oil. Production of fruits, berries, and viticulture is highly developed.

In turn, Kazakhstan is interested in cooperation on the exchange of experience in the development of organic agriculture, joint research in the field of variety testing, improving the genetic potential of crops, fruits and berries, the establishment of contacts between agricultural research institutes of Kazakhstan and Serbia.

“By order of the Head of State there is a task to produce environmentally friendly products. In this regard, we plan to work closely with Serbia, which has achieved certain results in this field. The State program of development of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan for 2017-2021 also considers that. We are ready to send a working group for a thorough examination of this issue,” A.Myrzakhmetov said.

The Serbian side has supported every proposal, and the Kazakh side expressed its readiness to free trade with linkages to Europe.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.