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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

A.Myrzakhmetov and agricultural producers of southern regions of Kazakhstan discussed the draft of Agribusiness Development Program

by December 2, 2016 Legal

Following the approval by the Head of State the concept of agribusiness development program for 2017-2021, it has been accepted by the Government of Kazakhstan. The program was discussed in the Parliament and the Government of Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the new role of agribusiness will balance the country’s sustainable development, increase productivity and improve living standards of the general population. The achievement of these goals is possible through a large-scale cooperation.

KazAgro Holding will provide cooperatives with technological equipment. Support will also be provided through subsidies for cooperatives to provide costs for personal subsidiary plots of veterinary, agrochemical, financial, marketing and other services.

Development of agricultural cooperation will provide additional load processing plants by 30%, and decline the trade margin of 15-20% by reducing intermediary links.

The program aims to involve more than 500 thousand smallholdings and small-scale peasants in commodity production and the creation of more than 1200 agricultural cooperation by 2021.

Cooperatives will provide its members with veterinary services, agrochemicals, forage, slaughtering, milk collection, product storage and distribution logistics. For example, the villagers need hay for their cattle. The cost is 7-8 thousand tenge per ton; it is sold for 20 thousand- in summer, 30 thousand tenge in autumn, 40-50 thousand tenge – in winter. The cooperative, with the support of state, taking tractor, mower, trailer for rent, can provide the villagers with hay at cost, as well as co-operatives, in a word, we must address all the issues that today are hindering the development of production factors for smallholders and small-scale farms, will supply the villagers with mixed fodders, through its small preparation center.

Another possibility of cooperation is that the cooperatives can become the rural credit institution.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan