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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

A master plan has been developed for the mountain cluster development of Almaty and Almaty agglomeration

by January 21, 2019 Market

For tourism industrydevelopment, the Austrian company Master Concept has developed a master plan for the mountain cluster development around Almaty and Almaty agglomeration until 2030, which includes all mountain locations in the region, including Turgen, Ak Bulak, Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka, Tabagan, Butakovka, Pioneer, Kok-Zhailau, Shymbulak and Kaskelen.

According to Gernot Leitner, CEO of Master Concept, the mountain cluster of the Almaty region has a huge tourist potential. The master plan is for the development of 470 km of mountain roads, 85 km of bicycle roads, 45 km of horse routes and 250 km of ski trails of them. All of them are 6 times longer than the current length of the trails.

During the working visit, Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baybek checked all the mountain locations of the region and held a retreat together with the leadership of the Akimat of the Almaty Region.

The governor of Almaty gave them the task for working out the issue of transferring the CSKA ski base to the city’s municipal property for the further organization of an accessible sports and family resort within the city. In addition, for mountain tourism, Bauyrzhan Baybek ordered to organize suburban transportation to the mountain resorts Pioneer and Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka. The new bus route will run three times a week (Friday – Saturday – Sunday) at intervals of 2�3 hours.

It should be mentioned that the executive committee of Almaty and Almaty region, Ile-Alatau National Park, the company of Kazakh Tourism and Master Concept participated in the development of a master plan for the development of the mountain cluster within the framework of the signed memorandum. The group to discuss the concept of the master plan includes representatives of government agencies, international tourism companies, public foundations, tourist associations, universities and the federation of sports tourism.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City