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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

A.Mamin: road infrastructure significantly modernized in 2016

by November 4, 2016 Fun

Western Europe � Western China transit corridor will be opened by the end of 2016 (2,787 km in four lanes).

Additionally will be opened Shymkent � Tashkent (100 km, 4 lanes), Almaty � Kapshagay (104 km, 6 lanes), Kapshagay � Taldykorgan (141 km), Astana � Temirtau (171 km), Aktau � Beineu (470 km, 4 lanes) highways.

Fully opened is Astana � Kokshetau � Petropavl corridor (489 km) with 6, 4, and 2 lanes.

Ukimet Uyi has hosted a selector meeting under the chairmanship of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin on the issues of developing the road network of national and local significance, as well as the motorway service facilities.

The meeting received the reports of the Minister of Investments and Development Zhenis Kassymbek, Vice Minister of Investments and Development Berik Kamaliyev, KazAutoZhol CEO Yermek Kizatov and akims of the regions.

According to the reports, all the plans on road reconstruction have been implemented this year. 924 km of roads of national significance have been reconstructed in 2016.

Western Europe � Western China corridor, sections of Center � South corridor: Astana � Temirtau and Almaty � Kapshagay will be opened by the end of 2016. Aktau � Beineu highway will be opened in the west. Kokshetau � Petropavl highway is currently open. Bridges across Tobol in Kostanay and across Irtysh in Pavlodar region have been commissioned.

This year, 1,200 km of roads have been repaired in major, medium and minor modes.

In 2017, the reconstruction is planned to cover over 2,000 km of roads of national significance and to commission 555 km, including 208 km of Center � East corridor, 24 km of Kapshagay � Taldykorgan corridor, 230 km of Beineu � Aktau highway, 40 km of Korday bypassing, 27 km of Uralsk � Kamenka, and 26 km of Aktobe � Atyray highways.

We are also planning to launch the reconstruction of new sections of Astana Southwestern bypass, Zhetybai � Zhanaozen, Beineu � Akzhigit, Kostanay � Denisovka, Taldykorgan � Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kurty � Burylbaital, etc., Vice Minister informed.

The meeting also covered the development of local road network. The total length of local road network in Kazakhstan amounts to 72.8 thousand km.

2,000 km of roads are currently undergoing repair works (construction and reconstruction of 130 km and major and medium repair of 1,884 km of roads).

It is also was noted that the local budgets of Akmola, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Pavlodar regions allocate insufficient funds.

According to Askar Mamin, adequate quality of local roads is a main priority. In this regard, regional akimats have been instructed to increase local funding for the development, repair and maintenance of local roads in 2017.

Regarding the increase of motorway service facilities it was noted that the freight traffic on the roads of national significance is annually increasing by 6%.

In order to further provide the haulers with modern, high-quality motorway services, the National standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan for motorway service facilities has been approved in 2015.

Today, operating in the country are about 2,500 of disparate service facilities, mostly the gas, trade and food stations, 80% of which does not meet the requirements.

Nurly Zhol provides for placing of 260 service facilities, which meet the requirements, on the main highways until 2020.

The local executive bodies developed and Minister of Investments and Development approved the schematic arrangement of such facilities in A, B, C and D categories with the aim of their uniform location.

KazAutoZhol plans to submit for the authorized bodys consideration the draft program of motorway service development until 2020, which includes development of primary motorway service facilities and modernization of existing facilities with over 20,000 people engaged.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan noted that in 2016, the road infrastructure of Kazakhstan has been significantly modernized. He instructed the Ministry of Investments and Development jointly with local executive bodies and KazAutoZhol to ensure the timely start of construction works in 2017; to approve the program of motorway service development along the roads of international and national significance until 2020 and action plan for its implementation.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan