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The Nur Otan party’s branch office chaired the meeting of Nur Otan Mayor Altay Kulginov to discuss the current state of the housing complexes and the complaints of residents on the co-operatives of flat owners, the correspondent of reports.

“The head of the state – the chairman of the Nur Otan party, Nursultan Nazarbayev, emphasized that the party should actively participate in solving common problems of the public. That’s why we have to respond quickly to the urgent needs of society. To this end, we have decided to address the issues related to the quality of construction and the issues related to the issues of housing and communal services, “A.Koldiginov said.

Akim of the city reminded that the President of Kazakhstan, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, has set the issue of the agenda on the agenda.

“Every year the city’s housing stock is growing. Last year alone, more than 140 apartment buildings were built, and this year 35,000 flats and state-owned flats were built in the total housing estates. Nevertheless, there are people who are complaining about the quality of work of the cooperative of flats. Over 4 thousand complaints have been filed with the city branch of the central office of Nur Otan and Akimat on this issue, “A.Koldiginov said.

At the same time, Altai Seidevich spoke about the complaints about poor quality construction.

“Although some dwellings have recently been built, their condition remains unsettled. For example, the yard of a housing construction built by “Shar Construction” in 2016 has not yet been improved. Over the course of three years, the improvements have not yet been repaired. The facade was not installed, “A.Koldiginov said.

Besides, akim of the city pointed to the fact that the car parks are not in the same condition as the pictures.

“We have winter long. People park their cars. However, their condition is not upset. In the newly built houses, the water is running out of the tent. Water can also be exposed to electric networks, which will affect fire safety, “A.Koldiginov said.

Akim of the city said that all these problems were addressed to builders and companies participating in the meeting to provide the assessment of the residents.

“All the leaders are here. This is the result of your work, the price. The people will look at your work and give us a price. We will regulate it. We agreed, “A.Koldiginov said.

Besides, akim of the capital informed that the elevators are in a bad condition.

“For example,” Ekodom “is a 8-storey building. Last year was put into operation. 8 storey house, would you imagine it? There may be pensioners and children. Another similar problem is the construction of 14 more construction sites. That’s why we need to take this matter seriously. We will take this matter under control and compare it with the pictures before and after, “A.Koldiginov said.

Another problem that the city mayor has been is fire safety.

“This is a very dangerous and important issue. There are no new fire safety requirements in 150 residential buildings throughout the city. The company “PrimeStroy”. No fire cabinets. Also there is no automatic fire alarm, “he said.

Besides, the mayor also informed residents of the capital about the water quality of the official site of akimat.

“Let’s work to make water better,” A.Koldiginov said.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050