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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

A high level of performance of target indicators recorded within Densaulyk State Program

by March 14, 2017 Market

T. Suleimenov noted that three target indicators are provided in total under the Program; following the results of 2016 all intermediate values were achieved. 3 indicators were not implemented out of t 36 outcome indicators: maternal mortality, 5-year survival of patients with malignant neoplasms and the number of adherent populations.

In general, the preliminary monitoring showed the effectiveness of the Program, as evidenced by the improvement of the basic medical and demographic indicators in the country, such as life expectancy; the health index of the population and the level of people’s satisfaction with the quality of medical care.

There are issues that require additional attention. For example, the potential of the health sector has not fully realized as a service sector.

The country has a number of large medical centers equipped with modern medical equipment. The highly specialized medical assistance is actively developing; unique operations are being carried out, which the citizens of Kazakhstan used to do abroad.

Also, according to preliminary data for 2016, there is an increase in private investment in health sector. Healthcare as a part of GDP also showed a positive trend, now this figure is 1.9%. However, these figures are more than 7% in such countries as Israel and Korea.

Thus, the domestic health sector has a backlog to become a sector that can increase the GDP index. Therefore, it is advisable to provide additional measures in the Program for its further d-evelopment, including measures to attract leading foreign clinics, especially from countries popular among medical tourists to joint management of Kazakhstani clinics, or consider transferring them to trust management. And also the creation of favorable conditions for attr-acting highly qualified doctors to work in Kazakhstan clinics.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan