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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

A director of the Department of Social Welfare of the city of Almaty has been appointed


Rakhat Shimasheva became the head of the Department of Social Welfare of the city of Almaty.

She began her career as a teacher in secondary school No. 62 in Almaty. Over the years she worked in the city education system, including the head of the metropolitan education department. For the past two years, she has headed the Almaty City Language Development Department.

Among the tasks assigned to the new head of the department, it is possible to highlight such areas as reducing unemployment, creating social elevators, and a barrier-free environment for people with special needs. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the work on the development of partnerships with NGOs and the implementation of social projects, as well as increasing the transparency and quality of public services.

It is worth noting that earlier the governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek suggested abandoning a number of non-priority expenses and at the annual reporting meeting with the population presented the city program on comprehensive support for low-income large families. Thus, 13 specific measures have been developed in the 7 areas of the Bagytty Otbasy program, including preferential mortgages, scholarships and free kindergartens, retraining and employment, as well as an increase in lump-sum payments from the local budget.

In the near future, an Almaty Center for mothers with many children will be created in Almaty, where, according to the principle of one window, legal and psychological counseling and rehabilitation assistance will be provided. Here mothers of many children themselves can be employed.

A special social housing program, Bakytty otbasy, will be started. The down payment will be 10% of the apartment price, the rate – 2% for 18 years. Since out of 1,276 large and incomplete families in the queue, many do not have the funds to pay the down payment, housing certificates amounting to 1 million tenge will be allocated from the city budget.

In addition, for low-income families in Almaty, starting from the second child, the kindergarten will be free. Scholarships will be paid to excellent students from low-income families. This will stimulate the pursuit of knowledge. Students of universities and colleges – 10 thousand per month, schoolchildren – 5 thousands tenge.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City