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A collective exhibition of artists dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Kyrgyz cinema opens in Bishkek

by October 14, 2021 General

A collective exhibition of 60 artists dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Kyrgyz cinema has opened in Bishkek at the Fine Arts Museum.

This year Kyrgyz cinema celebrates its 80th anniversary. The glorious pages of the history of Russian cinema were written by talented and extraordinary personalities. Behind each film is a huge work of the film crew: producers, screenwriters, directors, cameramen, actors, composers, painters, editors, sound engineers, illuminators, decorators, animators, assistants and many other selfless people. Each motion picture has its own unforgettable artistic world and its own energy.

Several generations of filmmakers have grown up over 80 years. The glorious path of the “Kyrgyz miracle” was continued by the Kyrgyz phenomenon. Tolomush Okeyev’s testament “whatever may be, Kyrgyz cinema must live” is being successfully implemented.

At this exhibition, you can see the works of 60 Kyrgyz artists, performed in different techniques. More than 100 works are presented in the form of graphics, painting, sculpture and ceramics. The older generation, eminent folk artists of the Kyrgyz Republic and young, but already talented artists, took part in this exhibition. More than 90 percent of the works are exhibited to the public for the first time and were made especially for this exhibition.

Thematically, the works are divided into two conditional groups: Portraits of filmmakers and Kyrgyz films. The artists painted portraits only of those with whom they had a chance to communicate personally in order to better convey the inner world, character, energy of filmmakers. On the other hand, about films – at this exhibition you will not see stills from films, here you will find works by artists on the theme and plot of films, their artistically reworked version of famous films.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency