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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

A campaign to support the renaming of the capital of Kazakhstan was launched in Astana


The initiative aims to encourage all Kazakhstanis to support the idea of renaming Astana as Nur-Sultan, the official website of Astana akimat reports.

In social networks project #NurSultan, #NashastolicaNurSultan has won.

To participate in the action

1. Placement of a photo of Astana.

2. Write a brief review of why you support the stock.

3. Placement of our nursery school NURSultan, #NashastolicaNurSultan.

– Since Astana became the capital city, it has always been a unique city for our country. It is connected with important political decisions, bold initiatives and achievements. Over the course of 20 years, he has taken a decisive step towards the vector of strategic decisions of the Head of State and has taken all the best and valuable things. Now changing its name, it gives its content a little more meaning, “the head of the department for public affairs of Astana city Daniyar Esin wrote in his social network page.

“Our” – our, “Astana” is the capital, “Nur” is bright, Sultan is the ruler. For the Kazakh people, these words are deep and holy. I support the flash mob, because I believe that the new name of the capital of Kazakhstan is a deep historical trace and strong internal content that will give a new impetus to the development of our capital, “D. Yesin noted.

Source: Akimat of Astana