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A Bestselling Ballet

by October 6, 2016 Key Issues

The main roles will be performed by famous dancers. Onegin � Honored Artist of Russia, recipient of the Presidential Award of Russian Federation, the Golden Mask Award and the Golden Soffit Award Oleg Gabyshev. Tatyana � international competitions laureate, the Golden Mask Award and the Golden Soffit Award recipient Maria Abashova. Lensky � recipient of the Presidential Award of Russian Federation and the Golden Mask Award Dmitry Fisher. Olga � Natalia Povor?znyuk.

The set designer Z. Margolin created stunning scenery. Costume designers � P. Okunev, O. Shaishmelashvili and A. Yakushchenko. Boris Eifman has always been associated with the most interesting artistic experiments and daring interpretation of classical works. Choreographer renews and enriches the form and content of modern ballet.

When I rely on great literature in my ballets, I do it in an attempt to express, by means of choreographic art, the emotional impact and amazement I get from learning the wisdom and creative power of our great predecessors. Word is an instrument both for creation and destruction; it can crush as easily as breathe new life. The lithe language of movement, as the oldest in history way of self expression, carries with it universal values, spiritual and emotional, that anyone can understand. Thus, using a literary source I thereby set myself a specific task: to reveal what may be relevant and exciting for my contemporaries and with it something that can be conveyed solely by the great art of dance, said People’s Artist of Russia Boris Eifman.

Heroes of Onegin were turned into the iconic characters of our time, who passed through the uneasy time of change, living at the turn of the century. The unexpected combination of works by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and rock music composer Alexander Sitkovetsky allows the audience to feel the choreographer’s concept more strongly.

Eifman’s choreography is exactly what we have come to expect from him, veering between thumping ensembles and troubled, acrobatic danced monologues in which every ounce of emotion is paraded in pained limbs, noted the Chief Dance Critic of the British daily national newspaper The Times Debra Craine.

Let us remind that the audience of Astana is familiar with the work of the master, as the Astana Opera ballet company performs Boris Eifman’s Rodin for the third season. The tour of St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet will take place within the framework of the III Silk Road International Festival.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Sport Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan