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A. Beisenbayev: Transition to Latin graphics is way to new information standards

by April 15, 2017 World Sports

“The modernization program proposed by the President is very timely and relevant. When there is the state transition to an absolutely different level of development, this concerns not only economic or political, but also spiritual development”, – the expert noted.

In his opinion, the most important thing, about which the Head of State writes, is openness of consciousness, preservation of the national code and spiritual modernization of Kazakhstan’s society. The program article is a new ideological concept and boldly answers many pressing questions and expectations of the society.

“This is reform through the modernization of consciousness. In this regard, I would like to note several important ideas, which I believe are contained in the article. The first is the development of the humanities, the translation into Kazakh of 100 textbooks that correspond to world standards and are taught in the best higher educational institutions of the world. This will help to improve the quality of education and increase the competitiveness of the nation, will naturally give a great impetus to our young specialists”, – the Deputy explains.

The second, according to A. Beisenbayev is the project “100 new names”. The 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence has shown that there are people among us who, through their work and their life positions, set an example for others.

“They are known in the villages, in the scales of district, region, and republic. They have positive thinking and carry creative energy; they make a huge contribution to the development of our state. Why cannot we advertise them? We should teach our children by their example”, – the Deputy says.

The third is the transition to the Latin alphabet.

“This process for Kazakhstan, let’s say, is not a novelty, Kazakhstan once used the alphabet on the basis of Latin letters in 1926-40, and this issue is periodically discussed in society. The president in his strategy “Kazakhstan-2050″ already said that by 2025 Kazakhstan should switch to the Latin alphabet. I see no reason to be afraid that with the transition to the Latin alphabet the country will lose all valuable historical works written in Cyrillic. Firstly, the transition will be carried out in stages, and secondly, today all the documents of Kazakhstan, including historical or economic ones, are digitized. The development of IT-technologies allows after digitization to translate any alphabet to any schedule. This is absolutely the right step. The transition of Kazakh into Latin graphics is the way to new information standards and advanced service-innovative technologies. Therefore, the most important thing here is step-by-step, wide discussion and explanation among the population”, – A. Beisenbayev noted.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050