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Talas region has become one of 4 region leaders in the volume of obtained investments in 2022, National Investment Agency Deputy Director Nuradil Bayasov said in Parliament.
Some $107.2 million was invested in Talas region last year. $104.5 million accounted for Talas district (97.48%), where Jerooy gold mine lies.
“Investments in Talas region have grown in connection with increase of investments in development of Jerooy mine,” Nuradil Bayasov stated.
The National Agency noted the significant role of large investments in the mining industry in the growth of inflow of foreign direct investments into the country. So, in 2022, FDI inflows increased by 4% – $4.046 billion. The outflow of investments decreased by 3%.
Jerooy mine is developed by Alliance Altyn LLC.

Source: Central Asian News Services (CANS)

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