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84 capital schools to be equipped with “Smart-school” system by end of 2018

by February 28, 2017 Market

“Now at some schools of the city we have already implemented turnstile and video surveillance system and our task now is to retrofit the remaining schools and make common centralized system of control and ensuring access to schools”, – A. Zhangozin said.

He noted that it is foreseen that each student will be provided with the access-card as a part of this functional.

“The issue is now handling for this card was tied to public transportation and with the same card student could go through the turnstile to school”, – A. Zhangozin noted.

Also he reported that schools will be provided with video surveillance of all the critical areas, as well as with a single e-library.

“As part of the security all the critical school zones will be provided by video surveillance. Also working on organizational development and effectiveness, schools will be provided with single digital library. It is not only electronic textbooks, i.e. the challenge now is conducting an internal inventory of library collections of all schools by creating a single e-system of registration of all library resources with the centralization at level of Department of Education. It becomes for convenience, so that we could monitor movement of books centrally, purchase of books and how their issue is conducted, etc.”, – A. Zhangozin reported.

The next functionality, as the representative of the Department of Education noted, is a single electronic accounting department.

“Single e-accounting will unite all schools. Here it is important to see an overall picture of all the schools, what resources they have, the process of spending and distribution of expenses etc.”, – A. Zhangozin pointed out.

Also he reported that an additional function will be SMS-notifications for parents, but on a paid basis.

“In case of parents’ desire, SMS-notification service will be provided, i.e. they will receive SMS about what time their child was at school. But it’s all for an additional fee if they wish. At the moment, at schools where this service is available, about 30% of parents use it”, – A. Zhangozin informed.

According to the representative of “Astana Innovations”, for their part, they have studied the past experience of E-system implementation to 20 schools, and also revised some of the modules: foundation constituted of security, access control systems and video surveillance, added such function? as online-accounting and automatic method for evaluating of the learning process.

“In this way we want to make an effective use of parents in ensuring safety. For teachers, for they had e-educational process evaluation format, and it would be immediately discernible to parents, and ultimately, for Department of Education received a general product that it will be centrally controlled and will have access to every school without a call or a call to a specialist, everything will be displayed on the portal, where everything will be transparent “, – N. Zhetpisov added.

The speakers also noted that till the end of 2017 it is planned to provide 22 metropolitan schools with “Smart-School” automation system, and till the end of 2018 this system will cover 84 schools of Astana.

“A very large amount – 84 schools, and in order not to undertake everything at once, we decided to go step by step to put in the first place the quality, rather than quantity. We take 22 schools where we will show the result, and then we will pass on to 30 schools remained, i.e. in 3 stages, “- N.Zhetpisov reported.


Source: Kazakhtan 2050