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8,000 new terms approved in the Kazakh language for 3 years

by April 4, 2017 World Sports

In 2016, a single electronic terminology base began its work. In accordance with the instruction of the Head of State, the terminological commission considered many terms. Some cause disagreement in society. For example, words such as a fountain, a piano, a pianoforte, a balcony, are used in oral speech, like “shaptyrma”, “burkak”, “su burkak”, “kyi sandyk”, “kultima”.

“We did not approve them. Therefore, it will be correct to use international variations, not translations. Once, someone translated these words, they are fixed in the society,” G. Meldechev clarified.

He also noted that the Republican Terminology Commission together with the National Committee for Metrology and Standardization will have to work hard to bring all the terms to the same standard. At the same time, it should not be a primary task to translate all the established international terms into the Kazakh language.

“Among them, there are words that are subject to assimilation, for example, samovar – samouyr, train – poyz. If you do not translate the stream of words that falls on us from all languages, especially from West, then, there will be a big problem in a few years. We should start from the character, mentality, perception of the Kazakhs, if possible, translate words. For example, we translate the word “accident” as “apat”. But the word “apat” has a broader meaning more suitable to the word “catastrophe”. An accident is an Arabic word meaning damage (“dead cell”). Therefore, every time we have to get to the depth of the word and make it a meaningful translation,” representative G. Meldeshev said.

His idea was developed by the director of the Republican Coordination and Methodological Center for the Development of Languages Yerbol Tleshev.

“The Terminological Fund of Kazakhstan should be increased so that the state language could take an active part in all spheres of life. China has about 50 thousand terms in each industry. Terminological science in Kazakhstan is quite developed and does not lag behind other countries. One fact that the origin was put by the great and talented Akhmet Baitursynov, predicts it a great future. Moreover, the Kazakh language is a very rich language,” Y.Tleshev noted.

In 2017, the site is planned to be improved, the etymology of words will be introduced. When the terms are approved, they will begin to rely on international practice.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan