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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

80% of Kazakhstanis watching domestic TV channels – Dauren Abayev

by December 3, 2016 General

88% of Kazakhstanis watch domestic TB channels, Minister of Information and communication informs at the Government hour, Mazhilis of Kazakhstan.

According to analysis, 88% of TV audience prefers Kazakh channels. Herewith, 53% of them do it daily. Out task is to increase the figures, as in the modern world broadcasting is one of the catalysts for positive changes in the society, Dauren Abayev says.

According to the Minister, the Ministry has ordered to conduct a large-scale sociological research aimed at identifying media preferences of Kazakhstanis and the needs of specific target audiences.

Key projects for the media modernization and organizing national information space have been formed on the basis of application data retrieved.

In particular, Khabar positioning was changed, 24kz was rebranded into Khabar 24, Kazakh TV merged with Bilim zhane Madeniet. In addition, Kazsport has shifted to broadcasting in modern HD-television format, Kazakh Radio, Shalkar and Classic radio expanded the broadcast service area.

KazContent JSC plans to launch in 2017 mobile applications of domestic online media to extend the reach.

The Ministry jointly with KazContent JSC implements the 2016-2020 plan for modernizing the online resources of domestic media. Each KazContents web project is now working in a new format. For example, the e-History website was transformed in October into a large-scale National Digital History portal with unique historical content and new interactive features. The website has new design and logo, improved news feed and a Kazakhstanika large section added, the Minister says.

In addition, according to the Minister, Literary Portal was redesigned and will soon launch the mobile application featured by offline reading and listening to books. The portal will hold literary contest, meetings with young writers, poets, literary soirees.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan