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8 settlements of SK region are provided with natural gas

by March 22, 2017 World Sports

In the rural district of Aktobe solemn connection of the settlement of Akzhar to the natural gas network was held.

Note that in Aktobe rural district of Saryagash district construction of the gas pipeline is completed the day before. Now 9 428 residents of 8settlements are provided with natural gas.

“991 million 372 thousand tenge were allocated from the regional budget for construction and installation works of the gas pipeline. The construction was carried out by the contract organization LLP “MEGARON CK”. In general, 74 out of 154 settlements were provided with natural gas 74″, – the message says.

Also on these holidays a 36-apartment multi-storey residential building was commissioned in Saryagash district. New settlers have already received the keys from the hands of Head of the region Zhanseit Tuimebayev and celebrated a housewarming.

250 million tenge were allocated from the regional budget to build the multi-storey residential building, which began in July 2015. Construction was led by LLP “Ontustik”.

According to the Governor’s Office, in the queue for housing there are 2 170 people in Saryagash district. A public procurement tender for the development of design estimates for 13 five-storey 45-apartment residential buildings on area of 10 hectares has been announced.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050