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74% of apartment buildings connected to heating

by January 5, 2017 Legal

Control over the operation and the technical condition of thermal installations, as well as over the preparation and repair work on the heating networks and its operation in autumn-winter is carried out by local executive bodies. These responsibilities include the issuance of passports and heat networks for autumn-winter conditions, as well as registration and deregistration of dangerous technical devices.

In addition, the local executive authorities monitor the safe operation of hazardous technical devices.

“Issues on connection of houses to district heating are resolved through appropriate budgetary programs, as well as own sources of provider. The cost of connection to the district heating is determined on the basis of design and estimate documentation based on the availability of appropriate thermal capacity and heat networks. Funds for the modernization of housing and communal services from the budget. Priority funding of projects is determined on the basis of applications and solutions of akimats”, – noted the Committee.

The main republican budget programs are regional development program up to 2020 and the State program of infrastructure development “Nurly Zhol” for 2015-2019.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050