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700 artists to be involved in celebration of Nauryz in Almaty

by March 18, 2017 Health

More than 700 artists, including creative collectives, stilt walkers, ritual theater, soloists, dance groups, etc., will take part in the events. Besides this, a mass dance flash mob “Kor?su” will take place.

On the square Astana there will be yurts, tents, installations, a demonstration of the theatrical performance of the traditional traditions and rituals.

The festive performance in the Athletic Village will resemble the settlement of the Kazakh auyl (village). The entrance area will be designed in the form of an ancient sample gate.

At both venues, the exhibitions of musical instruments, hunting birds and Kazakh basins are planned, as well as a nomadic circus with the participation of rope walkers, stilt walkers, etc. The celebration of the evening program and festive will end by fireworks.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050