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64 teachers were awarded the title of “The best teacher 2019”. Today the winners of the republican contest were awarded. More than 3707 teachers participated in the city and district tours of the republican contest. 630 teachers were selected at the national level and 108 teachers were selected in the final the correspondent of reports.

Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aymagambetov congratulated the teachers on their professional holiday and expressed their warm wishes.

“Dear veteran teachers dear colleagues first of all I congratulate you on the professional holiday Teacher’s Day. From the moment of gaining sovereignty the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev pays special attention to the sphere of science. You know it well. Due to the wise policy of the Head of State the education sector of the country is obvious. This work is continuing. The Head of State Kassym Zhomart Kemelevich in his election program paid special attention to the development of the education sphere and set big goals for us. You know the President himself attended the conference this August thanking our teachers and setting big goals for our system “the Minister said.

The Minister also noted that the task was to double salary of teachers for four years.

“We are working in this direction. By the special assignment of the President the law on the status of a teacher is being considered. It has provided 3 trillion tenge. This is a great honor for teachers and education. There are of course no problems. We know everything. I want to say that we solve everything together with teachers parents and society. Now you know that the great teacher Akhmet Baitursynov said “I am the teacher the teacher is closer the teacher is the heart of the school”. Therefore even though we do good things for the teacher praise is not enough. The teacher’s work is very important. We know that our country’s progress is one of the priorities for the future “A.Aimagambetov said.

Also Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov recalled his schoolteacher.

“My teacher Lyudmila Valentinovna just seemed to me very warmly. When you sang and warm your words you were touched. Later I found out that he was not only interested in me but also for all the students. Everyone has a unique relationship but each child feels he is the teacher’s talent. We have such teachers. As a result our country has achieved great success. It is a great holiday. Currently the bill is being considered by the Senate of the Parliament. You can expect much from this law. Today the whole society is talking about the status of a teacher. This is a great achievement. Not so much to say to the teachers. Adoption of the law on teachers for the first time is a great achievement. You have many educated teachers. But today it is a good idea to wish a good parent “he said.

One of the winners of the “Best Teacher 2019” Bakhyt Kuderiyeva a teacher of Gani Muratbayev Gymnasium School of Education Bayzak district of Zhambyl region shared her impressions.

“I have been trained for 28 years. In my teacher’s way I brought up many students and worked hard and I think that this is the result of my labors. Being the “Best Teacher” was the preparation of projects on our own creative theme the achievements of our students and our students. Pedagogical and creative work of the teacher were also evaluated for example we developed programs and auxiliary methodologies. We have prepared them to help our followers “he said.

Also the best teacher shared what kind of questions the applicants were participating in.

First of all I came to the conclusion that the teacher should first have the theoretical knowledge. Thanks to the deep theoretical knowledge I went through the test. The rest is a work of a teacher. Today’s mood is wonderful. I come to Nur Sultan as the best teacher. I’m glad to be such a tall prize in the capital of our independent country. All the events taking place in the country come from our heart. There are a number of initiatives to increase the status of a teacher. Measures that enhance the dignity of a teacher make the subject enjoyable “he said.

It’s worth noting that over the past 8 years 35127 teachers participated in this contest including 432 teachers in the system of pre school and secondary technical and vocational education. They were awarded with 1000 MCI and “Best teacher”.

Another distinguishing feature of this year’s event is the awarding of winners of the contest along with one of the winners of the fund of development of socially significant initiatives the award “Teacher of Kazakhstan”. The best 10 winners will be sent to the international competition “World Teacher 2020”.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050