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575 Tons of Deicing Agent Have Been Used in Astana

by November 25, 2016 Market

This year, the utilities services of the capital have started using “Icemelt” deicing agent for the first time.

According to “Astana Tazalyk” LLP, “Icemelt” is a multi-component material, which is produced on the basis of calcium chloride. Having a very low freezing point, it prevents icing. Compared with the similar materials, fewer quantities are required to the process a site area. As of today, 575 tons of the substance have been used.

The main advantage of the agent is its absolute harmlessness to humans and animals.

Furthermore, it does not pollute the streets and thus prevents slipping, quickly and deeply penetrates into the snow or ice layers, leaving no residue after cleaning.

When used properly, the agent prevents the formation of ice, provides the most lasting effect of melting due to a combination of two anti-icing components (calcium chloride and sodium chloride).

Annually, depending on the weather conditions, the average of 30 to 35 thousand cu. m. of sand-salt mixture is used.

Source: Akimat of Astana