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563,000 Kazakhstanis permanently employed under Employment Roadmap 2020

by November 7, 2016 World Sports

563,000 Kazakhstanis have been permanently employed over the 2011-2016 years of Employment Roadmap 2020 implementation, Minister of Health and Social Development Tamara Duissenova informed during the governmental hour in Mazhilis. The Minister stressed the positive dynamics in the main indicators of labor market.

Thus, the total employment has increased by 6.3%, while the number of employees grew by 16.6%. The number of unemployed decreased by 9%, the figures for self-employed decreased by 14%, and the number of unproductively self-employed has experienced a triple-digit decline over the past three years.

Over the period of programs implementation, 744,000 people has received state support. 563,000 of them have been permanently employed. Over the first 9 months of this year over 146,000 people joined the Employment Roadmap 2020, T.Duissenova informed.

The Minister noted that the measures provided for in the programs first direction named Providing employment through the development of infrastructure and housing and communal services has proved itself in the world practice in the context of economic crisis.

Massive repairs and rural development facilitate: temporary employment of rural population, which provides certain income, involvement in pension and social security systems; improved access to social services through rehabilitation of rural infrastructure and worn-our facilities; support of domestic SME with requirements of the program on local content of repair works taken into account, the Minister explained.

According to the Minister, 5,712 projects are scheduled to be implemented in 2016, 3,607 of which are being implemented in the most remote rural areas of Kazakhstan and are funded from the special reserve of the Government for the 25th anniversary of Independence.

The bulk of the projects are repair of roads and educational facilities mainly in the East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, North Kazakhstan and South Kazakhstan regions.

The projects mentioned will create over 41,000 jobs. The first direction of the program has received 81.5 billion tenge this year. In accordance with work schedules and financing plans, the akimats have scheduled to fully allocate the funds in November-December, T.Duissenova informed.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan