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55K Zhambyl residents participated in “Big Country – Big Family” project

by November 18, 2016 Health

As part of the step 86 the republic is implementing large-scale project of the APK “Big country – Big family”.

“This project can strengthen the Kazakh identity and create conditions for the formation of an integrated civil community. As part of this project, we have conducted more than 110 activities, which were attended by over 55 thousand people of different generations. There were events such as the exhibition of contemporary applied art “?lken El – ?lken Otbasy”, competition of ethnocultural associations “We – nation of united future”, ethno-expedition “Legends of the Great Steppe”, Forum “APK’s Youth – 2016”, – said M . Kuzhaeva.

In addition, as part of the campaign “25 Good Deeds” a charity event for children with disabilities was organized. “Caravan of Solace”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, visited 4 districts.

Shu District hosted a scientific-practical conference, which brought together leaders of ethno-cultural organizations and members of the boards of public consent of Moyinkum, Shu, Kordai districts.