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5 systematic measures of supporting large families have been suggested in the executive committee

by February 13, 2019 Health

During an extraordinary conference of the Nur Otan Party, the governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek declared a number of city measures to support the low-incomed large families, which will include a system of state benefits, targeted assistance, social benefits, sponsorship and measures to promote employment.

According to the head of the city, the direct and indirect social support to needy segments of the population is one of the main priorities of the party’s work.

It is necessary to carry out a complete re-inventory of people categories in need in a short time – get to each family, identify the list of priority needs, develop a separate road map to support low-income large families. This is not a one-time action, we will work on this issue systematically, said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

Considering the fact that large families often need legal and psychological counseling and rehabilitation assistance, the governor of the city ordered to launch the city project Bakytty otbasy by creating the eponymous center for mothers of large families. It will be a service center on the principle of a single window, where mothers with many children themselves can be employed.

In addition, an analysis of the issues voiced by mothers of many children showed that the housing problem is the most problematic one. Often, there is a lack of financial resources for a down payment to participate, even in preferential housing programs. According to it, the possibility will be considered for needy large families with 4 or more minor children to subsidize the payment of the down payment.

One of the problems for large families is the payment of utilities. We subsidize a number of them, in general, in the city a wide range of areas, in which various payments are made. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider ahead the volumes and the list of targeted compensation payments to large families for utilities, including the cost of installing individual metering devices for hot and cold water supply, said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

The head of the city also instructed to consider measures to increase targeted social assistance for reimbursement for home-based education for disabled children, one-time social assistance in case of a difficult life situation. At the same time, Bauyrzhan Baybek suggested studying the issue of compensating the costs of a kindergarten for large families of low-income families starting from the second child.

Targeted social assistance, as is known, is provided, including in the form of promoting employment and training. I propose to consider the possibility of increasing social jobs for low-income families and organizing free short-term courses with scholarship payments, he said.

The departments of social welfare, strategy and budget, as well as other authorized bodies are entrusted to work through these issues and make specific proposals within a week.

At the same time, Bauyrzhan Baybek proposed to stop a number of non-priority expenses in Almaty. According to the head of the city, in order to make decisions of a social nature, the Almaty Akimat together with members of the Nur Otan party faction conducts an audit of budget expenditures on an ongoing basis, optimization is being carried out.

Let us recall the Universiade, when optimization allowed us to save about 18 billions tenge only in operating expenses. So it was last year – during the reconstruction of streets, parks and city squares, when up to 40% was saved. Last week, when reviewing projects for the development of the city, the project of reconstruction along the Esentai River was optimized. This project must first be discussed with the public, finalized, and then proceed to implementation. We have already saved 3.5 billions tenge. You also need to optimize another series of non-priority expenditures. For example, the construction of a track and field arena. I think that it needs to be moved and will also provide significant savings, said the Almaty’s governor.

At the same time, the saved funds, as before, will be distributed according to social priorities determined on the basis of citizens’ appeals. This, as a rule, is the creation of new jobs, the expansion of the range of support for socially vulnerable groups of the population, first of all, mothers of many children, the solution of other social problems.

It should be mentioned that Almaty’s budget of remains socially oriented – from year to year the share of expenditures on social security of the population increases. Today, more than 50% of the budget or more than 200 billions tenge is spent on health care, education, support for socially vulnerable groups, subsidizing utility expenses, paying various benefits, etc.

At the same time, the Nur Otan faction in the maslikhat regularly comes out with various social initiatives. Almost all the proposals are reflected in the decisions taken by local executive bodies, and are implemented in the city.

For example, from 2016, at the suggestion of the party faction, the payment to kindergartens was reduced from 27 to 15 thousands tenge. More than 3 billions tenge are allocated from the budget for these purposes annually, covering about 60 thousand families. Over the past four years, due to the state order in private gardens, the number of places has increased by 3 times from 4.7 thousands to 15.5 thousand. In general, over 18 billions tenge are allocated annually for subsidizing places in kindergartens. This figure has increased more than 2 times in three years.

Children from large families of low-income families up to grade 11 have been covered by free school meals, provided with a form. The city allocates more than 800 millions tenge annually for these needs. Separately, about 4 thousand children from low-income families are allocated 230 million tenge annually for the organization of free recreation.

In addition, over the past four years, at the party’s proposal, 50% benefits are granted on public transport for members of large families, students of schools, colleges, university students and retirees worth more than 5 billions tenge annually. Coverage is over 350 thousand people.

At the initiative of the party, various compensation payments are made. Thus, the reimbursement of utility costs for 2.3 thousand families, including large families, is made. For the same category, the costs of installing utility meters are compensated. To date, more than 1,000 families have received such assistance in the amount of more than 50 millions tenge. Last year, at the Bureau of the city branch of the party, the prosecutor’s office reviewed the monopolists of the city in public. As a result, the illegally charged 4.5 billions tenge were compensated to consumers.

In general, over three years, KZT 6 billion was allocated to curb tariffs, more than 800 km of networks were repaired without a tariff increase. Today, almost 1.5 million citizens or 80% of the population receive public utilities at prices that are constrained. In general, if the executive committee did not provide these subsidies, all three years consumers would pay only 35% more for heat.

Since January 1, on behalf of the Head of State in the city, utility rates have been reduced. Taking into account the fact that half of the housing costs are paid for heat, at the proposal of the party, it is planned to allocate KZT 1.5 billion from the reserve of the executive committee to compensate for the costs of heat suppliers. As a result, the heat tariff decreased by 18%. Almaty citizens have already seen new accounts with reduced tariffs.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City