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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

2nd stage of the Armed Forces’ testing started in Kazakhstan

by April 11, 2017 General

“On the instructions of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan Colonel-General Saken Zhasuzakov, the integrated commissions that will operate in all regions of the country formed; general management and control at the second stage are carried out by Deputy Chiefs of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, – the Ministry message says.

On the southern direction the check will be conducted under overall supervision and supervision of First Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major-General Amir Khalikov, on the eastern – Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major-General Mukhamedzhan Talassov. In the south-eastern direction, Chief of the General Staff, Major-General of Aviation Nurlan Karbenov, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major-General Adilbek Aldabergenov, on the central direction – Chief of the Strategic Planning Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Major-General Ruslan Shpekbayev.

Military personnel are required to confirm their skills and training in the main combat training subjects. This is tactical, special, fire, physical, drill and state legal training, general military regulations, as well as military topography. Classes are provided both in the daytime and at night, with the elaboration of issues of nomination to the specified area, the deployment of the command and observation post of the battalion (company), the setting of combat missions, the management of units in the course of performing the tasks assigned on introduction and carrying out combat firing practice.

The control check is aimed at determination of the personnel training, the actual level of combat training and the level of coordination of platoons, companies, battalion units and units, readiness of the units to accomplish the assigned combat tasks as soon as possible, and also evaluating the implementation of combat training plans and programs.

In addition, the commissions will check the condition of weapons and military equipment, the organization of the work of officials to guide combat training in subordinate units, combat and mobilization readiness.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050