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Friday, November 27th, 2020

24-year-old Kazakhstani with an artificial heart told about his state of health


The first time in the world, a unique operation on implantation of a mechanical heart was performed. Venue – Astana.

A team of Kazakhstani heart surgeons under the leadership of cardiac surgeon Yuri Py and partners from the Czech Republic, Israel, Italy and the United States in December last year successfully conducted a unique operation to implant an assisted circulatory device. The first patient who underwent this operation is Ismail Tursunov, born in 1994. A native of Almaty. Driver.

According to the chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yuri Py, Ismail never smoked. Do not abuse alcohol. Spent a lot of time in the fresh air. In his free time, he was engaged in swimming and boxing.

The total joy of life has changed in the past year. Ismail was diagnosed with DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY. Operation Ismail was performed using a technological solution, most recently developed in Israel. Its uniqueness is that most of the components of the artificial ventricle are small in size and are located directly in the patient’s body. Outside, there is only a belt, a controller, a battery and a special watch that allows you to monitor the state of the heart. The device is continuously charged wirelessly, which completely eliminates the risk of infection. The new technology allows up to 8 hours to stay without any medical devices. Such operations on the new Israeli technologies have not been carried out anywhere in the world, said the doctor.

Today, Ismail Tursunov feels great and lives life to the full. At a press conference in the CCS, Ismail briefly told journalists about his state of health.

ISMAIL: This is me now. Before that, I weighed 94 kg. Now 67.

JOURNALIST: Ismail, what did you feel before the surgery?

And: Before the surgery, I had a strong shortness of breath. I had arms and legs swollen. I could not move at all. Here we have an operation. It became much better.

J: Does it interfere (implant)?

And: No, not at all.

Q: What reminds us that it’s time to charge the equipment?

And: Hours. You can look at them.

Q: You said that when water treatments, watches must be taken off?

And: Yes. Nothing will happen if I take off. Nothing will change. I will, they will show the same thing.

Q: How many times a day do you get tested?

And: 2-3 times – it was before the operation. Now I do not pass the examination. Only once every three days I come and donate blood, and that’s it.

Q: Ismail, did you know that you would become a public figure? How do you feel in the new role? And: I do not know. Unusually.

Q: When was the surgery performed?

And: The operation was made on December 15th. It was necessary to bring all the equipment, then only had an operation. I am the first in the world, he is the only one. Even if doctors came to me and told you you need this operation, I would agree. I just saw what was going on in this hospital. A man who could not get out of bed for two months, he was operated on. Now he walks, alive and well (smiles).

Ismail also noted that the quality of life is currently the same as it was before operations. In turn, heart surgeon Yuri Py said that before the surgery, Ismail was only in his room. He could move from his bed to the table. Sit down and take a shower.

And all this was accompanied by severe shortness of breath. The life of a person is limited significantly. And now he can do everything, go for a walk, including going to health centers and a pool, said the doctor.

Yury Pya noted that Kazakhstan entered the international study. Now it’s impossible to create a system or method of treatment alone in a separate state that would make a revolutionary step. Only together this can be done, – said the doctor.

About 150 patients need such an operation a year. The cost of the operation is quite high. This is the first clinical operation, so it is still difficult to talk about the financial side. This is not an experiment, it is a clinical implementation, the experiments have already been carried out on animals. The operation showed that the system is very stable. We have been working on this project for about 10 years together, said the doctor.

To the question of journalists when our Kazakhstanis can apply for such an operation, Yu.Pya answered that after receiving the European certificate, it depends on when the experiments in Europe and America are completed.

We did the first implantation of the left ventricle in 2014. After the clinical studies began. That is, we are ahead of our colleagues in Europe and America, by almost 5 years. Operation Ismail is unique, it was carried out for the first time in the world, the doctor said.

Journalists are also interested in what sticks out from the patient’s head at the patient.

Since this is the first system, this is a fallback. Suddenly something happens inside, so that the patient does not suffer, you can connect through this antenna. If everything works stably, then everything will work without this safety net, Y.Pya answered.

The doctor also said that the main thing is not only quality, but also the extension of life.

Because those who suffer from heart failure and need a heart transplant, almost 5% die during the first year, and almost 100% die within 2-3 years. And it allows them to live. This is a new treatment for these patients. For children it will also be possible to use this system, we already use it in children. But while the usual system, which is outside. Inside the system there is a receiving coil, outside the belt. Through the magnetic field, the energy is transferred to the internal coil and electric current is generated there, which recharges the antenna. If something suddenly happens inside, then you can connect through this antenna. Charging lasts more than eight hours, then you need to recharge. That is, wear this belt, – said the doctor.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan