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Saturday, August 13th, 2022
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Daily Archives: July 9, 2021

As France Plans to Shrink Sahel Force, Jihadi Threat Grows

During a grueling, weekslong mission in northern Mali, French soldiers were confronted by a familiar threat: Extremists trying to impose the same strict Islamic rule that preceded France’s military intervention here more than eight years ago.Traumatize…

France to Pull More Than 2,000 Troops From Africa’s Sahel

France will withdraw more than 2,000 troops from an anti-extremism force in Africa’s Sahel region by early next year and pivot its military presence to specialized regional forces instead, President Emmanuel Macron said Friday. Macron announced last mo…

UN Urges International Community Not to Give Up on South Sudan

As South Sudan marks its 10th year of independence, the U.N. refugee agency is calling on countries to continue support for the world’s youngest nation, which, it says, shows promising signs of creating a better future for its beleaguered population.Th…