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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

2019 people want to move from SKR to northern regions


According to the information of Governor’s Office of the region, at present 48 migrants are engaged in agribusiness, 42 people work in the sphere of education, 11 people – in the local executive bodies, 12 settlers – in the service sector and 7 people – in the sphere of public health.

5780 citizens took part in measures to develop the inter-regional labor market, of which 2019 people expressed a desire to move to the northern regions of the country.

“One of the tasks set by the Head of State is the settlement of internal migration processes, the improvement of the balance of labor resources and the uniform dispersal of the population. In this regard, the resettlement of residents from the region with a large number of labor in regions with a lack of manpower is an important step”, Governor of South Kazakhstan region Zhanseit Tuymebayev said during a selector meeting with the participation of the Mayors of the districts, cities and heads of regional administrations.

The resettlement of South Kazakhstanis to the northern regions is carried out on a voluntary basis. Also expenses for each member of the family at a rate of 35 MCI and expenses for annual rent of habitation are paid.

The Governor of the region gave a number of instructions to the Mayors of the districts, cities and industry departments to organize a working trip with entrepreneurs to the northern regions to assist in the voluntary resettlement of residents.

We note that South Kazakhstan region is considered one of the densely populated regions of the country. In this regard, in order to reduce the level of unemployment in the region, the work is continuing on resettlement of residents to the northern regions, where there is a shortage of labor.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050