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20-year-old student Nargiz Kudrenova became the winner of the karaoke contest “Everyone Sing!” and the holder of the Cup of Astana Mayor. Correspondents of the media center of the Mayor’s Office of the capital have attended the final part of the music project and were the first to congratulate the girl who not just sings, but sings very well.


Many people like singing, but not everyone can do it professionally. Those who has been dreaming about the stage, even without music background, could try their hand in Astana, taking part in the open karaoke championship of “Everyone Sing!”

The organizer of the contest was “Zhastar” Palace under the support of the Mayor’s Office of Astana. Talented performers from different regions of Kazakhstan aged 18 and above took part in the singing competition. Participants were divided into three groups, in each of which the winner was selected.

“The peculiarity of our competition is that everyone could come and try their hand: regardless of age, professional activities or the availability of music education. The words of your favorite songs were displayed on the big screen. Therefore, everyone who came today to the summer ground could sing along with the contest participants,” – says the Director of Zhastar Palace Sergei Solodovnikov.

In order to become a participant in the karaoke championship, it was required to pass qualifying rounds. 78 people out of 200 applicants passed casting. All the performers were engaged with professional tutors on vocals and choreography.

Participants who scored the largest number of points got to the finals, during which they had to perform a world hit. Each finalist had its own support group: friends and relatives. Everyone were singing along and dancing!

The authoritative jury of the music project involved the Director of Zhastar Palace Sergei Solodovnikov, the participant of the Voice Project Archi Purtseladze, the soloist of the State Philharmonic Society of Astana Tatyana Khasyanova, the Honored Figure of Republic of Kazakhstan Rakhmetzhan Shamuratov, the designer Kairolla Abishev.

The talented performers Nargiz Kudrenova, Zhamal Zhiyentayeva and Assel Tulyubayeva reached the finals of the contest. All of them received a cash reward and memorable figurines. The best vocalist of the contest, 20-year-old Nargiz Kudrenova, became the winner of the Cup of the Mayor of Astana.

“I would like to have more similar large-scale competitions. This is my first experience of participating in such a project and a great win,” – says the student Nargiz Kudrenova.

“In my opinion, singing is a noble occupation and a natural state of the human soul. I really want none of the participants of the project to bury their talents, but continue to please their families, friends, relatives with their vocal art,” – Sergei Solodovnikov told the contest participants.

Source: Akimat of Astana