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20 Militants Killed, Nine Arrested In Afghan Special Forces Operations

by September 22, 2019 Market

Units of the Afghan Special Forces, backed by fighter planes, killed 20 militants in western Badghis and northern Kunduz provinces, during overnight operations, officials said.

In the first operation conducted against militants in Balamurghab district of western Badghis province, in the wee hours of Saturday, 12 insurgents were killed and eight others wounded, said a statement from the provincial government.

Government forces, in similar operations, launched against Taliban fighters in Khanabad district of the northern Kunduz province, killed eight militants and wounding seven others, Qudratullah Safi, a district official, said.

No security personnel or civilians were hurt in the operations, the official asserted.

Similarly, the defence ministry said, cleanup operations had been launched in eastern Ghazni province, in which nine insurgents were captured, including three organisers of the deadly car bomb blast in southern Zabul’s provincial capital Qalat. The deadly car bomb blast killed at least 20 people and injured 93 others.