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2 schools of Beineu district switched to trilingual training

by April 7, 2017 Legal

To date, 23 children’s pre-school organizations operate in Beineu district, in which 2 441 children are being educated. The coverage of children aged 3 to 6 years with pre-school education and upbringing makes 91.1%. Design and estimate documentation is being developed for the construction of kindergartens for 150 places in the villages of Beineu and Borankul. The implementation of these projects is provided by the mechanism of public-private partnership.

The Head of the region got acquainted with the activity of Beineu Gymnasium. During 18 years of its educational activity, the teachers of the gymnasium prepared 13 holders of “Altyn belgi” breastplate. School is equipped with the offices of a new modification: there is technology class, workshop, library, multimedia room, sports and assembly hall, and dining room for 24 seats.

“The quality of knowledge of students is high. In total we have 330 children who study in two shifts. Upon admission, students take exams. Last year our graduate became an owner of “Altyn Belgi”, the other one – confirmed the knowledge and received a special certificate. Now we start to develop and implement a pilot program – teaching biology in the 8th class in3 languages – Kazakh, Russian and English”, – Director of Beineu Gymnasium Bolat Dossanov said.

A pilot project for the transition to trilingual education is being implemented in 2 schools in the district. Last year 102 teachers took courses on the updated content of education as a part of the introduction of 12-year education. For this year, 305 teachers are planned to be trained. All 26 schools in the district are provided with broadband Internet.

“Schools of Beineu district should be an example of the correct organization of a quality educational process for other areas. It is necessary to continue work on introduction of trilingual training. I also instruct you to purchase the latest equipment for the laboratory of physics and chemistry classrooms, to provide me with an estimate of the costs of conducting practical classes in schools”, – Ye. Tugzhanov instructed.

One of the topical issues in the education of the district is the lack of a standard building for Beineu Polytechnic College. The building of the college is designed for 240 students, and today 586 people study there.

“We have a license for training in 15 working specialties and 11 secondary specialized professions. We train specialists in the field of railway transport, operation and maintenance of road transport, oil and gas industry. At the moment 586 students study in 10 specialties, 482 people on state orders, 80 on correspondence courses, there is a commercial group of 24 students”, – Director of Beineu Polytechnic College Nurbol Burin reported.

“I instruct the regional department of education to develop design estimates for the construction of a common standard building for polytechnic and humanitarian and economic colleges with a hostel. This will solve several problems. Firstly, with the accommodation of children coming to study here from other villages. Also in the vacated buildings of colleges it will be possible to transfer schools, which will help to eliminate the threat of three-shift training”, – the Governor of Mangystau region said.

On the same day, the Head of the region instructed to develop the main attractions of the village Beineu and projects for the installation of new monuments in Aktau.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050