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2 new customs posts to be built on the border with China

by April 8, 2017 Key Issues

“In the future, it is planned to modernize and equip another 23 checkpoints by attracting an intergovernmental loan or on the principles of PPP, and to create a system of new customs clearance zones”, the message reads.

According to the Committee, the modernized automobile checkpoints will be equipped with a modern trade and logistics center. This will enable the release of goods at the border. So, in the case of absence of violations identified by the risk management system, goods will be released on the border within 29 minutes.

This time includes the passage of such operations as entry through the e-border crossing checkpoint, the conduct of five types of control – radiation, veterinary, phytosanitary, sanitary-quarantine, transport.

It is reported that a new transport and logistics center has been opened in Astana. All control bodies are stationed there for carrying out the corresponding types of state control. Here, a participant in foreign economic activities can get the whole range of logistics services, including storage and sorting of goods.

Similar four customs clearance zones will soon appear in major cities of Kazakhstan.

“At the same time, everything is done on the principles of PPP together with the national operator of KTZ. At the same time, no finacing is expected from the budget”, the Committee reported.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050