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188 people registered as candidates for representative bodies

by March 13, 2017 General

Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a briefing about results of registration of candidates within the election campaign on the election of deputies of representative bodies instead of dropout candidates, which will be held on March 26, 2017.

During the briefing, member of CEC RK Marat Sarsembayev told about the completion of the process of registration of candidates for deputies and conducting their campaign of agitation.

“In 58 constituencies of the republic where elections will be held, 201 candidates for the released deputy mandates were nominated in total Following the results of the registration district election commissions registered 188 people as candidates for representative bodies instead of dropout”, – he informed.

Thus, at the moment, the average competitiveness in the election of representative bodies’ deputies instead of dropout candidates is more than 3 candidates for one vacant deputy mandate.

According to CEC, among the registered candidates for men – 144 (76.6%), women – 44 (23.4%). 62 are members of political parties of Kazakhstan, 69 � non-parties, 57 – have not indicated their party affiliation.

From them, 77.1% have higher education, 18.1% a secondary special education and 4.8% a secondary education.

54.8% are employees of state institutions, organizations and enterprises; 35.1% – are employed in commercial structures; 4.8% work in political parties and NGOs.

“Currently there is a pre-election campaign of registered candidates. According to the electoral legislation, all candidates are guaranteed equal conditions for conducting election campaign”, – M. Sarsembayev reminded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050