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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

1,5mln people visited EXPO

by July 24, 2017 Legal

A million-and-a-half visitor was registered at the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. We note, that one millionth visitor of EXPO-2017 became a teacher of math from Astana in July 11.

From July 17 to 23 the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 was visited by 285 300 people, this is, on average 40 757 visitors per day. We note, that in the first week of the work of the exhibition the average attendance was 23 thousand people per day.

The total number of visitors of the exhibition from June 10 to July 23 comprised 1 484 300 people.

The total number of attendance of all people from June 10 (the cumulative number of visits of all objects of the exhibition) -11 295 991.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050