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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

1,5K taxis to operate in Astana during the EXPO 2017

by February 13, 2017 Legal

As explained by Dauren Kaisarov, there are buses and taxis are preparing in the capital that will regularly serve residents and tourists during the World Exhibition EXPO-2017.

“EXPO is a top-priority task in the preparation of Astana. Firstly, the additional number of buses – 380 units – will be organized in the near future. These units are comfortable buses which are specially designed so that at any time period the capital’s residents would not expect more than a certain amount of time. We are well aware of that we have tough climatic conditions. Therefore, the number of buses will be increased. Increasing buses number allows adoption of route scheme upon the requests of residents. In the case of equipment shortage, the city authorities have to adapt and find a compromise “, – said the head of the bureau.

Also, the issue of hiring bus drivers will be tightened. Now it is planned to open a special school that will train drivers in accordance with the international best practice.

“At the same time a system of an intelligent bus is organized. It means that a bus has special sensors. We can observe the average speed of the bus, fuel consumption. There is a special application Astraplat, which shows the approximate location of buses. The accuracy of these sensors will also increase”, he said.

In addition, special attention is paid to the taxi service. A special standard of Astana Taxi during EXPO 2017 has been developed.

“Urban taxis will be in the same format – a single color and a single contact number where you can call. The number of vehicles is about 1.5 thousand”, Dauren Kaissarov told.

During a press conference Director of “Elorda Akparat” Kaissar Zhumabaiuly also noted that in the capital it’s planned to introduce several road sections with a total length of 64 km.

“The main task, which is on the threshold of EXPO-2017, is to increase almost twice the speed of movement. It is also planned to reduce bus waiting time by almost two times, that is, about 7 minutes”, Kaissar Zhumabaiuly said.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050