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12 mln ha to be allocated for wheat in Kazakhstan this year

by April 7, 2017 World Sports

“To ensure the food base it is necessary to increase the volume of cereal crops by 32 thousand hectares, oilseeds by 60 thousand hectares, fodder crops by 593 thousand hectares and sugar beet by 7 thousand hectares”, A. Kadzhibekova emphasized.

Water-consuming crops – rice and cotton will be reduced. For cereals, in particular for wheat, about 12 million hectares of land will be occupied.

In addition, this year, special attention is paid to the quality of seeds. Within the framework of the State program for the development of the agro-industrial complex, the mechanism for supporting seed production has been improved. Since this year, subsidies for original and elite seeds have been renewed.

To subsidize mineral fertilizers 13 billion tenge has been allocated this year, which is 2 billion tenge more than last year.

“The issue of fuel and lubricants is of great concern to the agrarians. In order to provide them with fuel and lubricants, we need more than 375 thousand tons. Of these, 254,000 tons were allocated for March-April”, she said.

The price for diesel fuel is approved at 105 tenge per liter. Taking into account the costs of operators, the average price of diesel fuel for agrarians will be 121 tenge per liter at a market price of 131 tenge.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050